Kirsty McIvor has a wealth of experience. She has spent the past 31 years working as a communication expert: 16 years as a journalist with the ABC, 4 years as the Chief of Communication, UNICEF, and 11 years running her own media and communication training consultancy.

Her approach is practical and consultative.

It involves:

  • constant consultation
  • highly interactive and hands-on training
  • feedback and revision
  • best practice in communication theories
  • detailed knowledge of communication and media practices
  • workable and realistic training packages
  • in-depth research of issues
  • flexible work options
  • thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the Australian media landscape
  • creativity through teamwork
  • engagement with experts and advisers to strengthen deliverables.

Kirsty McIvor and Associates is affiliated with photographers, videographers, writers, editors, journalists and researchers.