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Ella Riggert has been a senior Queensland media operative and communications executive for more than a decade. As a Media Skills trainer, Ella brings a wealth of experience to her sessions after having worked in prominent positions in both the media and corporate spheres.

As the Queensland State Manager of Public Affairs at AMP, Ella was responsible for all media, marketing, sponsorship and promotional activity in Queensland. This included AMP’s sponsorship of the Olympic Torch Relay in 2000 and the multi-million dollar travelling Centenary of Federation Expo in 2001.

Prior to AMP, Ella was a journalist at The Courier-Mail newspaper with eight years experience covering politics, general news, features, courts, and property and lifestyle issues. She won a Queensland Media Award for excellence in government reporting.

Since diversifying her career, Ella has worked with major corporate organisations as well as small to medium businesses to enhance their media and public relations outcomes.

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