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Jo Scard

The Jo Scard Agency

Underpinned by Jo Scard’s extensive experience and proven reputation in the political and media fields, the Jo Scard Agency can successfully navigate the volatile hung-Parliamentary process and the crowded media space of Australia. The Agency can create and facilitate government relations, media management, stakeholder research and provide advice for corporates and not-for-profit organisations.

Jo Scard played a unique role as a former senior political advisor to the Rudd and Gillard Governments where she managed complex Senate negotiations across all portfolios. She was a senior strategist for the British Labour Party, a political television journalist in Australian and the UK and strategic counsel to corporates and not-for-profits. Jo Scard understands how to achieve desired public policy outcomes and has a depth of knowledge rarely found elsewhere.

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The Gratitude Project

Ange Clarke

Much of our success comes through the help and support of others. Many times this is in the workplace – suppliers, mentors, clients, staff.

The Gratitude project is about relationships – it is personalised cards created to cultivate the habit of saying thank you.

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It's a fact that more people watch television and get their information that way than read books.

Stephen Covey


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