Lucy Palmer

Lucy Palmer is an award-winning international radio and newspaper journalist/editor with a Masters degree in Creative Writing.

Passionate about the art of good editing, whether it be a website, company report or university essay.

Lucy can help you to communicate your ideas with authenticity and substance. Dull websites, boring reports, flat strategies? You need a unique combination of disciplined writing skills, creative flair and expert facilitation.

Lucy is currently working as an HSC mentor, website writer, and journalist.

For more information www.lucypalmer.com.au

Vander Media Services

If you need anything written, re-written, edited or proofread, contact Fiona at Vander Media Services.

“Anything” can include (but is not limited to):

    • Articles for publications
    • Newsletters
    • Communication materials, such as media releases and press kits
    • Corporate publications, such as annual reports
    • Brochures
    • Manuals and guides
    • Other written resources

All writing and editing work is completed efficiently and accurately. The writing style is simple, plain English, with a touch of flair when appropriate. Constructive feedback is offered where needed (and requested).

For those wishing to hone their writing skills, coaching in writing for the media and other audiences is available.

About Fiona van der Plaat

In 25 years of journalism, Fiona has worked in reporting and production for three major dailies (The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and TheCanberra Times) and now contributes regular articles to various publications. She has written and edited material covering subjects as varied as health, defence, politics, police, courts, travel, literature and sport. Fiona has consulted to the Media Skills training network for nearly 15 years, providing training, coaching, journalistic and other writing services. She has also devised and delivered her own writing courses to corporate clients, and is a journalism tutor at the University of Canberra.

For more information vanderplaat@iinet.net.au


Less is more.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


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