Does image matter? Do the clothes maketh the woman?

By Paul Toohey, Herald Sun July 06, 2010

Call to give cash to PM for clothing

Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Prime Minister Julia Gillard should get a clothing allowance, according to an image consultant. Source: Herald Sun

SHE recently stepped out in clothes one fashion expert described as resembling a "cheap motel bedspread".

Now, there are calls for Prime Minister Julia Gillard to be given a clothing allowance to ensure our nation's leader avoids fashion faux pas.

Unlike Governor-General Quentin Bryce, who received a one-off clothing allowance of $28,000 to help her prepare for office, Ms Gillard is not entitled to a cent to help her dress for her prime ministerial duties.

But image consultant Imogen Lamport thinks the PM could use a few extra bucks to lift her from a Dickensian nightmare of heavy, brocaded coats and oversized cuffs and collars.

"Her clothes are more distracting than the message," Ms Lamport said yesterday.

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