Want to deal with the media in a more strategic manner?

Want to communicate more effectively?

Want to know the rules of the
‘media’ game?

Want to position yourself as an expert
in your field?

Want to bullet proof your business through professional media training?

Media Training

We can help you bullet proof your business, reputation or product through professional, respected and proven media training.

Strategic Communications

You need to work out the best way to reach your audience or design a communication strategy that will enhance your business?

Editing/Writing/Proof Reading

We can polish your documents or write them from scratch. We can edit, re-write, proof read or create. You can choose one of our expert consultants to discuss all your writing needs and they will transform any written work into a professional document.


Whether you need a camera operator for a day, a web video produced or a commercial shot our professional video consultants will be able to help.

Our experts have the latest digital equipment to provide all your video needs and professional advice.

Web Management

We  can provide anything  and everything to do with your web needs.  Designing websites, refreshing home pages, re-writing home pages, social media and search optimisation.

Government/Client relationships

Nearly every business needs help navigating the world of government. Our expert consultant has years of experience working in that world at the highest level and is a master media manager. We can help you work well with your clients – communicate with them better, encourage closer working relationships and above all show gratitude.


Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.

Jim Rohn


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